Day To Minutes Converter


You know how to use Day To Minutes Converter. First you will write some Day value in the blank put box (instead of enter Day) (as many hours value as you want to convert to Minutes) and click on convert button then you will see how many Minutes those Day are.

Converting formula::-

1 Day = 24 Hours

1 Hours = 60 Minutes

1 Day = 24×60 Minutes

2 Day = 2×24×60 Minutes

[Minutes = {(24×60)×day}]✓

If you want to convert 5 hours to Minutes then you have to multiply 5 by (24×60)1440 and you get 7,200 Minutes.

In the same way you have any hours time Must be converted to Minutes The hours time has to be multiplied by 1440 and the result you get after multiplication is the Minutes value.